Mirjam Frey


Mirjam is our friendly, enthusiastic head coach. Her dedication to our young club members is both generous and inspiring to watch.

Mirjam was born in Tallinn in Estonia and became a barrister. She has been working as a junior partner in a law office for over 12 years.

“Tennis is a lot more than just hitting the ball with a racket!.” - Head coach Mirjam Frey

Her passion for law is only matched by her passion for tennis. She is registered with the LTA and RPT and keeps herself constantly up-to-date. Her favourite coach is Nick Bollettieri, which she has met in person several times. Mirjam’s favourite tennis player is Roger Fedderer.


Mirjam with Nick Bolletieri in Southend-on-Sea 2014 and 2015

Nick Bolletieri 2014

Nick and Mirjam 2015